Wave Action

16" x 20" Oil
Original – $350

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People are fascinating subjects and I especially enjoy painting children because they are so natural and unaffected.  I love commissioned portraits, but I prefer a candid photo of a child, rather than one that is posed.  Good lighting is also so important.  One of these children is me when I was four years old.  It should be easy to pick out.  

Red Backpack

16" x 20" Watercolor
Original – $350

$25 shipping fee* per painting when shipped within the Continental U.S. Inquire here for orders outside of the Continental U.S.

​*Includes packing and shipping. Most Prices Include Frame.

Portraits & Figures

​​​​The Scholars

24" x 20" Watercolor

Original – Inquire Here For Pricing

​​​Italian Wedding

16" x 20" Acrylic

Original – $300

Beach Day

20" x 16" Watercolor
Original – $350

​​​​Boy With Truck 

16" x 16" Watercolor
Original – $300


28" x 22" Watercolor

Original - Sold

​​​Heritage Hotel

6" x 13.5" Watercolor

Original – $400

The Pout 

16" x 20" Watercolor
Original - Not For Sale

Original Paintings, Commissions, Art Tiles & Fine Prints


20" x 24" Watercolor

Original – Inquire Here For Pricing