Affordable custom prints on paper, metal or canvas also available! Please reach out for more information​!

​​​​​Martini Glass

16" x 20" Framed ​Watercolor
Original – $300


18" x 24" Watercolor
Original – SOLD

​​Blue Crystal

26" x 19" Watercolor
Original – SOLD

​​​Wine Glass Reflection

20" x 24" Framed Watercolor

Original – Inquire Here For Pricing

St. Martin Lunch

​21" x 28" Framed Watercolor
Original – $400

​​​Embellished Apples​

​21" x 15" Unframed Watercolor

Original – $150

Wards Pumpkins

​20" x 24" Framed Watercolor
Original – $375

$25 shipping fee* per painting when shipped within the Continental U.S. Inquire here for orders outside of the Continental U.S.

​*Includes packing and shipping. Most Prices Include Frame.

​​Anniversary Bouquet

20" x 27" Watercolor
Original – SOLD

Lunch in Granada

​20" x 24" Framed Watercolor
Original – $375

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​​Rome Market

​24" x 20" Framed Watercolor

Original – $400

Still Life

Original Paintings, Commissions, Art Tiles & Fine Prints

​​​Handful of Summer

21" x 21" Watercolor
Original - Sold

​​​Candy Apples​

27" x 25" Watercolor

Original – Inquire Here For Pricing

Who says still life is boring? It’s shapes, patterns, colors, designs, lines, curves, circles, and everything in between.

I especially like to do very detailed close ups of things that interest me and I always have my camera phone with me.